Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Hero Day @ St Mary's

What an experience working with the kids at St Mary's. I was extra excited because my group, was the gym group. Which meant we had to teach our own game to a group of kids. I was feeling confident before hand because I thought my game would be a lot of fun for the kids, and it was simple to understand. Since our theme was super hero's, I wore a super man shirt and played the game "Super Man Tag". I thought everything went OK, but we seemed to struggle a little bit with controlling the kids. All the kids wanted to do was run around! I had a problem with not being loud enough. I feel like I am being loud enough, but I am really not. John and Nicole were in my group and they seemed to have the same problem. It was difficult because there are so many things going on in the gym making it hard for us to explain a game and be loud. I definitely learned a lot from our lab. Other than the gym part everything went smoothly. I had a cape on that the kids loved. The cape attracted the kids to me, it was really fun. On the play ground I was playing tag with Kevin and about 4 little kids. As the game went on the a kid would touch the metal and claim he is safe because he is touching metal. Soon that would switch from metal to plastic. I thought it was creative of the kids for thinking of making the game more fun. I thought our lab ended with ended in a awesome way. Tracy's sound was great! And Ian's dance was fun. Kudos for Tracy and Ian for ending our lab in such a positive way.

The "Great Debate" At SUNY Cortland

What a fun experience it was going through the Great Debate.  The Debate was about having long handled sticks implemented into the physical education curriculum. We had Groups to to determine when or when not to start the kids with sticks.  My group was against implementing sticks at a early age. We agreed on 4th grade, but I really think we should wait until atleast 6th grade. Most kids are not coordinated, and will end up hating the sport. The others that are coordinated enough can use resources outside the classroom.
What makes a professional athlete determines how much work the athlete puts in over time. Just becuase we start implementing sticks are a young age does not mean we are going to get more professional athletes. What do we do with a kid who is not meant to be an athlete? Let him fail?

My favorite part of the debate was at the end when we did the rebuttal. It was getting intense; every student had the opportunity to speak their mind. There was some great points made throughout the rebuttal.  I agreed with the committee group with using ideas from broth groups.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Day two at St. Mary's was awesome, except I did not get to play any games with the kids. My job was to observe and interview my classmates. At first I thought it would be a boring task to have to interview everyone. How ever, After talking with my classmates, I had the opportunity to ask them anything I wanted. Since I did not share a game with the children yet; I thought it was perfect for me just to observe becuase now I know what will work and what wont work. I have come to a conclusion that the most difficult part of everyones game was explaining it! Every person said the most difficult was getting the attention of the kids. All they wanted to do was play games.  I have realized that the most important thing to do when giving directions to the little kids is do it with enthusiasm!
How could I forget! I got to lead the St Mary's AAARRRGGGGG chear!