Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Day two at St. Mary's was awesome, except I did not get to play any games with the kids. My job was to observe and interview my classmates. At first I thought it would be a boring task to have to interview everyone. How ever, After talking with my classmates, I had the opportunity to ask them anything I wanted. Since I did not share a game with the children yet; I thought it was perfect for me just to observe becuase now I know what will work and what wont work. I have come to a conclusion that the most difficult part of everyones game was explaining it! Every person said the most difficult was getting the attention of the kids. All they wanted to do was play games.  I have realized that the most important thing to do when giving directions to the little kids is do it with enthusiasm!
How could I forget! I got to lead the St Mary's AAARRRGGGGG chear!

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