Monday, October 25, 2010

The "Great Debate" At SUNY Cortland

What a fun experience it was going through the Great Debate.  The Debate was about having long handled sticks implemented into the physical education curriculum. We had Groups to to determine when or when not to start the kids with sticks.  My group was against implementing sticks at a early age. We agreed on 4th grade, but I really think we should wait until atleast 6th grade. Most kids are not coordinated, and will end up hating the sport. The others that are coordinated enough can use resources outside the classroom.
What makes a professional athlete determines how much work the athlete puts in over time. Just becuase we start implementing sticks are a young age does not mean we are going to get more professional athletes. What do we do with a kid who is not meant to be an athlete? Let him fail?

My favorite part of the debate was at the end when we did the rebuttal. It was getting intense; every student had the opportunity to speak their mind. There was some great points made throughout the rebuttal.  I agreed with the committee group with using ideas from broth groups.

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