Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There are numerous games and activities in the Hall of Shame. I agree and disagree with these games, and the reasons why they should or should not be out of PE. I do not agree with duck duck goose. I could modify the game so that instead of the kids sitting in a circle they could sit like a propeller. There will be four lines of students sitting in formation of a propeller and one student will walk around and tag what ever line they would like. The person that tagged the last person in line will either run, jog, gallop, skip hop or any movement they wish.  The whole line would have to do the same movement around the circle and sit back in line. The last person to sit with the group is it. This game is great becuase there are more movements invovled  than just running, and every person is going to be invloved because there are four groups to pick from. Regular duck duck goose is limited to one movement, and the choosing of one person. During a regular game of duck duck rarely every person is picked to run around.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day at St. Marys

I had so much fun working with the little ones at St. Marys. I was quite nervous as the day began but once we got going everything went nice and smooth. The kids we so full of energy, it was great. The kids did not want to play any games that I insisted on. I thought it was pretty cool how Sammie had such an imagination. We were pretending to fish, it was so fun. He had a interesting set up, the hula hoop was the boat, and the whiffle balls were tied to the hoop as his bait. When I was outside with the kindergartners they loved playing hide and go seek, and playing tag. It was cool to see how they were amazed when they would find me.  I loved working with the kids and I am excited to come to St. Marys for our next lab!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reaction to Chapter One

As a student-athlete I must use my simple motor skills in my every day life. I walk, jog, run, sprint, hop,swing a bat, throw and just about every single day. It is vital for us as soon to be physical educators to implement the basic motor skills in activities for kids so that they can master their motor skills and become more physically fit. There are four long term goals that we want to reach, movement skill aquisition, physical activity, fitness enhancement, cognitive learning and affective growth. If these developmental goals are achieved then possible athletes could develop, child obesity would decrease and kids would be more physically fit than before. I believe it starts with the physical education programs. There are plenty of programs that do not use all seven of the Content Standards for Physical Education, and those programs will suffer. The programs that do follow National Standards will have better physically fit students in a positive environment.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stix aren't for kids

I think that children grades K-5 should not be using sticks during activity.  Lacrosse, and hockey are the two sports that these children should not be playing. Elementary PE should consist of kids mastering their fundamental movement skills.  They are just learning how to jump, hop, run, skip and gallop. There are numerous activities that kids could benefit from to develop their fundamental. These activites with sticks require some skill. These kids are not ready to catch and throw with a lacrosse stick, let alone play a comptetitive game. Their hand and eye cordination is not ready for this type of activity. Saftey is also in weighing concern. Kids might not try to physically hit another student but, the chances of students getting hit are very good. Hockey is even more dangerous in high school PE classes, imagine how dangerous it would be in K-5 PE. I think K-5 children should be involved in more activities that will improve their movement skills and prepare them to be more athletic as they develop.