Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween at St Mary's

What a fun Halloween day at St Mary's. I was dressed up as a baseball player; I wore my old uniform from my previous college. It was cool, the kids were pumped when we walked into the gym all dressed up.  I was excited to break off into our separate groups because I was in the Pre K group and I brought Halloween coloring books that I made on the internet. At first I did not think we were going to have enough time for us to color, but the teacher gave the kids an option to go play in the gym and stay and color. During snack Nicole John and I encouraged the kids to stay and color with us. Luckily a few kids wanted to stay and color. I am glad a few kids decided to stay and color with us. I knew that they were having fun; as their parents came in the kids did not want to leave. I was lucky enough to have a little girl give me her picture that she had colored. When I got home I hung it on my fridge.

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