Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There are numerous games and activities in the Hall of Shame. I agree and disagree with these games, and the reasons why they should or should not be out of PE. I do not agree with duck duck goose. I could modify the game so that instead of the kids sitting in a circle they could sit like a propeller. There will be four lines of students sitting in formation of a propeller and one student will walk around and tag what ever line they would like. The person that tagged the last person in line will either run, jog, gallop, skip hop or any movement they wish.  The whole line would have to do the same movement around the circle and sit back in line. The last person to sit with the group is it. This game is great becuase there are more movements invovled  than just running, and every person is going to be invloved because there are four groups to pick from. Regular duck duck goose is limited to one movement, and the choosing of one person. During a regular game of duck duck rarely every person is picked to run around.

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