Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stix aren't for kids

I think that children grades K-5 should not be using sticks during activity.  Lacrosse, and hockey are the two sports that these children should not be playing. Elementary PE should consist of kids mastering their fundamental movement skills.  They are just learning how to jump, hop, run, skip and gallop. There are numerous activities that kids could benefit from to develop their fundamental. These activites with sticks require some skill. These kids are not ready to catch and throw with a lacrosse stick, let alone play a comptetitive game. Their hand and eye cordination is not ready for this type of activity. Saftey is also in weighing concern. Kids might not try to physically hit another student but, the chances of students getting hit are very good. Hockey is even more dangerous in high school PE classes, imagine how dangerous it would be in K-5 PE. I think K-5 children should be involved in more activities that will improve their movement skills and prepare them to be more athletic as they develop.

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