Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day at St. Marys

I had so much fun working with the little ones at St. Marys. I was quite nervous as the day began but once we got going everything went nice and smooth. The kids we so full of energy, it was great. The kids did not want to play any games that I insisted on. I thought it was pretty cool how Sammie had such an imagination. We were pretending to fish, it was so fun. He had a interesting set up, the hula hoop was the boat, and the whiffle balls were tied to the hoop as his bait. When I was outside with the kindergartners they loved playing hide and go seek, and playing tag. It was cool to see how they were amazed when they would find me.  I loved working with the kids and I am excited to come to St. Marys for our next lab!

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  1. Good Dan. Don't forget to add the link to your published Lab 1 write-up.