Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reaction to Chapter One

As a student-athlete I must use my simple motor skills in my every day life. I walk, jog, run, sprint, hop,swing a bat, throw and just about every single day. It is vital for us as soon to be physical educators to implement the basic motor skills in activities for kids so that they can master their motor skills and become more physically fit. There are four long term goals that we want to reach, movement skill aquisition, physical activity, fitness enhancement, cognitive learning and affective growth. If these developmental goals are achieved then possible athletes could develop, child obesity would decrease and kids would be more physically fit than before. I believe it starts with the physical education programs. There are plenty of programs that do not use all seven of the Content Standards for Physical Education, and those programs will suffer. The programs that do follow National Standards will have better physically fit students in a positive environment.

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